Steroids quality of life

*** Some of you may be sedentary and develop low testosterone. If that is the case, your doctor should start with the smallest amount of testosterone (say 100 mgs/week) while you start weight training. As you weight train more, as you become more healthy your doctor may move your dosage up. 150 mgs/week should be safe if you are otherwise healthy. Dr. Larry Lipschultz is moving some of his TRT patients up to 300 mgs/week of testosterone. However these are large and healthy men who have been serious trainees for many years, usually decades.

It’s all common sense now, certainly I was not going to put myself and my body through the risks of anabolics. I can tell you though, shifting my mind from anabolic steroids simply was not an option for me. However, dealing with it’s side effects is what really held me back from getting any place near this stuff. With my friends’ help in telling about legal steroids, I no longer need to even touch a drop of anabolic steroids. First, I was certainly not going to put my health at risk. Second, I did not want to spend a few years in jail if I ever get busted with this stuff.

Steroids quality of life

steroids quality of life


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