Kortikosteroid untuk alergi obat

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Until the early 20th century, Bali was home to several large mammals: the wild Banteng , Leopard and an endemic subspecies of Tiger, the Bali Tiger . The Banteng still occurs in its domestic form, while leopards are found only in neighboring Java, and the Bali Tiger is extinct. The last definite record of a Tiger on Bali dates from 1937, when one was shot, though the subspecies may have survived until the 1940s or 1950s. [13] The relatively small size of the island, conflict with humans, poaching and habitat reduction drove the Tiger to extinction. This was the smallest and rarest of all Tiger subspecies and was never caught on film or displayed in zoos, while few skins or bones remain in museums around the world. Today, the largest mammals are the Javan Rusa deer and the Wild Boar . A second, smaller species of deer, the Indian Muntjac , also occurs.

Kortikosteroid untuk alergi obat

kortikosteroid untuk alergi obat


kortikosteroid untuk alergi obatkortikosteroid untuk alergi obatkortikosteroid untuk alergi obatkortikosteroid untuk alergi obatkortikosteroid untuk alergi obat