How to thicken skin after steroid use

MSM is a chemical found in plants, animals and humans. It’s also used as medicine to treat chronic pain and muscle cramps. Aloe vera is a popular natural remedy for burns and abrasions. It helps heal wounds and treat skin conditions, such as eczema . These ingredients make up blue emu, which is marketed as an odor-free, non-irritating moisturizer that can be used to soothe joint and muscle pain. Based on anecdotal evidence, blue emu is generally effective as a way to treat aches and pains, and it’s less expensive than prescription ointments.

The telltale feature of a seborrheic keratosis is its waxy, stuck-on, greasy look. Seborrheic keratosis can almost be peeled or scraped off the skin while moles are not easily scraped. Seborrheic keratoses look like they have either been pasted on the skin or may look like a dab of melted brown candle wax that dropped on the skin. Seborrheic keratosis may occur in the same areas as moles. Seborrheic keratoses are also more common in areas of sun exposure, but may rarely occur in doubly sunprotected areas like the underwear area. When they first appear, the growths usually begin one at a time as small rough bumps. Eventually, they may thicken and develop a rough, warty surface.

I made a shampoo/body wash from African Black soap imported from Nigeria grated finely. I brought 1 and 1/2 cups of water just to the boiling point to to ounces of the soap. I mixed till all soap was dissolved. I then added a slightly heaped tsp of raw Shea while the mix was still hot. Once at a warm temp I then added 1 tsp hemp oil and 1 tsp Argan oil, blending well. Finally, I added my essential oils and once again blended. I gave these as gifts for the holiday. My brother told me his thickened right up to the point it didn’t pour. I simply told him to add a bit more water and let it sit then shake it. He has had no problems with it since. Sometimes in my experience other additives are not needed. The Shea is what made the shampoo become thickened plus the 1 and 1/2 cups water was 1/2 cup less than was called for. But that extra 1/2 cup made it too thin. The next time I will do 1 and 3/4 cup water. I prefer going as natural and as organic as possible. I for one do not care whether my product is clear or not. My goal is a healthy, quality product.

How to thicken skin after steroid use

how to thicken skin after steroid use


how to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid use